First bottles sold

Last Friday we started selling 99% Guiltless to small stores located around the Moorgate and Shoreditch area. After only a few hours of visiting stores we made sales to 4 stores.

Find the locations of the stores here : Sales Map

As you can see on the map – one of the shops is Google Campus which was the submission most liked for distribution channels – we agreed with the manager of Google Campus Cafe to give them a first box for free to assess the potential of the product. We will go back to the shop in the upcoming days to make a picture and see what feedback they have for us.


Agora Puts You In The Shoes Of The CEO

Agora UK

The democratic beverage company

Agora is the world’s first company that is run through a direct democratic process by an online community. In other words, you are making all the decisions from what beverage to produce, how to package it, where to sell and even what to do with the profits!

Agora: a great fit for Uni!

The community has chosen the first target audience we should focus on in our efforts to grow to the community: “University Members”.

Congratulations to Moreno for the winning submission and thanks to all who participated in helping us define our first target audience. Please see the winning submission in the archive section.  There seemed to be a strong consensus within the community that Agora could represent a great platform for students to test their ideas and learn from a real business, which could also benefit professors who want to drive higher interest and nurture an experimental mindset within their course.

The next decision will focus on defining the best actions to incite university members to visit our website and to interact on the platform. Please note that although there will be a winning submission for this decision we would aim, as much as possible, to implement all none contradictive ideas that received votes. However, we will prioritize the action(s) described in the winning submission.